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New Woman Method: Live Your Dream Life Now

New Woman Method is for women who are ready to live their dream life now!
You know you have been holding yourself back from living the life you truly desire.

You’re ready to stop holding yourself back.
You’re ready to make your dreams a priority.
You’re ready to take responsibility for your life.
You’re ready to have an impact on the world around you.

New Woman Method employs nine steps to help you:

1.Recognize where you’re holding yourself back in your life.

2. Build the confidence you need to either take on a new career, apply for the promotion, start your own business, go back to school, or tackle any life-changing goal.

3. Learn how to communicate more effectively in all areas of your life.

4. Dream even bigger than you ever imagined you could.

New Woman Method offers a 3-month program where we will work together to break at least one of your barriers to success. New Woman Method also offers both 6-month and 9-month programs. In both of these programs, we will work through the 9 steps outlined by the method. You will receive 1:1 coaching and support in all three programs.

New Woman Method helps you get unstuck. You will break your barriers to success, create a plan, and begin to take action on building your dream life. There is always hope. You too can live the life you’ve always wanted. If you are ready to truly live the life of your dreams, New Woman Method is for you!

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Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy

Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®) is a process created by Dr. Matt James, that helps people release unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs.


In NLP a Limiting Belief is a Belief or decision we make about ourselves and/or our model of the world that limits the way we live. That limiting belief will be inside the system within our internal wourld, therefore, shaping our responses to the external world and opportunities around us.


MER® has been extensively researched with teens and adults regarding issues from PTSD to common issues such as anxiety, depression, and anger. MER® has been proven to be effective in the release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.  It’s extremely efficient and often gets positive results within the first session.

MER® is fast, most problems and symptoms will literally disappear within one or two sessions, a total of 5 to 8 hours. The process works so quickly and thoroughly to eradicate long-standing issues that clients have a hard time believing it!

They feel symptom-free, yet some have trouble trusting that such a dramatic shift happened so swiftly and easily.

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